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Insanity Workout vs. Extreme Fitness Programs – Which one will Completely Transform your Body?

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Insanity WorkoutIt is time to step up the game. I have been working out to a more mild walking workout program. I think I just might be ready for a more extreme fitness program like Insanity. It can be frustrating trying to decide between the many different body conditioning programs on the market today.

So, I decided to compare five of the top rated total body conditioning systems. I think I am leaning towards the Insanity program after reading about the insanity workout here, but I’m not exactly sure yet. I hope this body conditioning workout comparison helps to reduce your frustrations so you can get excited about taking charge of your health!

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Comparison Review

Features Insanity Workout
P90X Tapout XT Zumba Tabata
Concept Max Interval Training Muscle Confusion Mixed Martial Arts Latin Dance Fitness High Intensity Interval Training
Creator Shaun T Tony Horton Mike Karpenko Alberto Perez Varies
Program Length 60 days 90 days 90 days None None
# of Workouts 10 12 12 6 Varies
Nutrition Plan Yes Yes Yes No No
Fitness Guide Yes Yes Yes No No
Equipment None Chin-up bar, resistance bands Resistance and training bands Toning sticks Cardio equipment of choice
Cost $119.85 (+s/h) $119.85 (+s/h) $119.85 (+s/h) $120 (+s/h) varies
Money Back Guarantee 60 days 90 days 90 days 30 days varies

Insanity Basics

Insanity WorkoutThis cardio conditioning program was created by Shaun T. It is a 60-day program. I have seen a lot of positive reviews regarding MAX Interval Training. This type of training is supposed to enhance the results of your workout in less time than the traditional cardio conditioning workout. You will have to push yourself to work as fast and as hard as you can for a specific amount of time followed by a shorter rest period.

What I really like about this workout program is the fact that I don’t need any extra equipment. Many total body transformation products require some type of equipment. The Elite Nutrition Plan requires you to eat five meals per day. All the meals are supposed to contain the same amount of calories.

The good news is you don’t have to calculate the calorie count. The food plan coincides with the workouts to ensure you are getting enough fuel to keep your body nourished. It is an effective tool for weight management, as well.

This fitness program costs $119.85. You could choose the monthly payment plan, which is split into three monthly payments of $39.95 per month. It will cost $24.95 for shipping and handling. There is no financial risk involved, as there is a money back guarantee for 60 days.

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Insanity vs. P90X

p90xThe Insanity workout program and P90X body transformation program are quite different. With Insanity, you can expect to be continually moving. P90X has a slower paced feel to it; however, it is just as intense. This total body workout program uses strength training and plyometrics to achieve the concept of muscle confusion.

Confusing the muscles is important for muscle growth. Your body is amazing. After performing a movement repeatedly for an extended period of time, it can actually tell how your body will move. When you add variety, your muscles will have to work harder, which will allow them to grow.

The Insanity nutrition program provides meals with the calories already calculated, while the P90X nutrition plan gives you an entire list of foods you can eat. It does provide recipes you can choose to follow. It is an extensive nutrition plan that is divided into three phases to coincide with the intensity of the total body conditioning workouts. These are:

  • Fat Shredder
  • Energy Booster
  • Endurance Maximizer

Insanity requires no additional equipment, while P90X requires a chin-up bar and resistance bands. You will have to purchase these separately, unless you choose to purchase a package that includes them. This will bring the cost up much higher than Insanity. I definitely liked the fact that Insanity is only 60 days as opposed to P90X being 90 days.

Insanity vs. Tapout XT

tapout xtBoth Insanity and Tapout XT will keep you moving the entire time. However, while Insanity uses Max Interval Training, Tapout XT will be teaching you fighting techniques in this mixed martial arts style program. These mixed martial arts exercises target all of the essential fitness areas: cardio conditioning, explosive power exercises, strength training, and core conditioning.

It appears that the nutrition plans may be similar. Insanity specifies the number of meals you will be eating, but I couldn’t tell if Tapout XT had a set time or calorie controlled diet. Tapout XT does have a jump start diet that claims to help you lose ten pounds and ten inches in ten days.

You will need resistance bands and a training band that are included in the Tapout XT package. It appears both of these cardio conditioning programs cost exactly the same, including the price of shipping and handling! I still like that Insanity only takes 60 days to complete, while Tapout XT takes 90 days.

Insanity Workout vs. Zumba Fitness

zumba fitnessAlthough both of these are cardio conditioning workouts, Zumba seems to be more of a dance fitness program with its unique and energetic Latin music. Although Zumba is packed with fun dance steps, it is also a highly effective workout system. This calorie burning dance system is fun;however, I also hear that Insanity has some fun music to sing and move to!

Insanity has ten workouts, where Zumba only has six. While Zumba is definitely popular and will help you lose those pounds, I think that Insanity has a more solid program. Zumba does not have a nutrition plan, nor does it have a specific time line for your full body transformation!

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Insanity vs. Tabata

tabata trainingTabata and Insanity seem to have similar efficient training techniques. With Insanity, you will be moving as fast and as hard as you possibly can for a specific time limit. You will then rest for a shorter period of time. In Tabata, a Japanese form of exercise, you will choose any cardio activity, such as running, biking, or jumping rope.

You will then perform the cardio conditioning activity for 20 seconds at full speed followed by a 10 second rest period. Repeat this seven times. This is basically intense interval training, which is similar to the concept of Insanity – Max Interval Training.

There are workout videos available online for Tabata training. You can actually perform Tabata without spending any money; however, Insanity comes complete with a nutrition and fitness guide. It may cost a little more, but Insanity is a proven system that will help you stay motivated to keep moving forward.

Final Thoughts

It was a close call between Zumba and Insanity. I am looking for a fun, yet effective tool for my total body transformation. I have decided to go with Insanity basically because it has a more complete program that I can follow and complete in just 60 days! Which one will you choose to help you transform your body?

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14 Responses

  1. John L.

    Hi, I have never done insanity but thinking about it and have done p90x. I like the idea of insanity with it’s faster pace and looking forward to it. Also glad I read the rest as now I gotta checkout tabata and tapout. Not so much about zumba though, haha!

  2. kenny

    Hello – I’m a P90X grad and I’m just starting to do Insanity (week 1). I can barely keep up! I thought P90X was tough, this is insanity! I will try to let everyone know how my progress goes. Keep pushing play!

    1. Gio

      hallo Kenny, how did your insanity program go? I’m seriously considering to start it.

      1. kenny

        Gio, It went very well and it was very hard in the beginning. I did 2 rounds of Insanity and I’m in the best shape of my life now. I took a break during the holidays and I’m going to now start Rushfit. Rushfit seems to be the next big thing. It’s all about the MMA workouts now.

  3. Cheryl "Lilnana" Ingram

    A few years back my BF & I bought the P90X & it was a great workout but i was working full-time & preparing the food for it was another full-time job….i was burnt out just making the meals. If u have a maid 2 make your food i would say go for it. Yeah it must be rough 2 have that kind of help & B able 2 afford the Sono Bella for stubborn areas. I wish!!

  4. Loralie

    I have done Zumba for two years and I lost one hundred pounds in the first year. I bought Insanity and have been doing that. My only problem is I have to stop a lot to take many breaths during the workouts because it is so hard. So I don’t know if I’m getting as good of a workout because of the little breaks I have to take, as I do with Zumba, which I can do the whole workout without stopping. I need advice.

  5. Loralie

    Thanks so much. I was thinking of doing Zumba one day and Insanity another but I think now I will just stick with Insanity. That way I will know for sure if it’s working. i could always go back to Zumba later if need be or if I just want to change it up. Thanks for the encouragement

  6. john

    insanity is best…..

  7. Scounslowgreen

    How long is each day’s workout?

  8. David Grande

    The Insanity workouts are truly insane! I started them last summer and restarted up this summer. I usually do it 3 times per week and go to the gym the other 3 times and was never able to finish the advanced video workouts all the way through… and I am in good shape.

  9. Murphy Kins

    I have done Tapout Xt, Insanity and P90X. I thought they were all good programs. But I enjoyed Tapout XT the most.

    I had great results with each one. I just found that with Tapout XT I never got bored.

    But like I said I had great results from all of them. It’s all about the commitment.

  10. riley

    I used to do P90X for days I didn’t go to the gym. Mostly the ab ripper x which kills your abs, but it’s the best ab workout I know of! However, now we have insanity workout classes at my gym and they are beyond P90X. Insanity is #1 in my opinion.

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